Are Two Heads Better Than One?

Motor-Guide not-so-Magic Carpet. 1982.

In the old days, as boats got bigger and their weights got heavier, the need for more thrust from the troller became evident. The technology of the day made it difficult to design a motor that would put out more than 30 pounds of thrust without making the motor too big and/or have to operate on 16 batteries.

So, in order to placate this need, in 1982 Motor Guide came out with their solution to the problem.

If one trolling motor head put out 27 pounds of thrust, all we have to do is add another head and we’ll get 54 pounds of thrust. Right?

Well, the idea was great – what they didn’t consider was: a) the weight of two heads and their geometry wasn’t amenable to the bows of bass boats and b) if one head drains your batteries in 8 hours of fishing, two will certainly drain them in half a day. But those were just menial little problems. They had a 54-pound thrust troller! [Read more…]

Is There Really Anything New in Bass Fishing?

Whopper Stopper Ad circa 1976.

As usual, I was cruising an old magazine the other day and this ad caught my eye. Every old-time basser at least remembers the old Whopper Stopper company (now owned by Pradco) and probably had their arm worn out from throwing the Hellbender – what a great bait that was. What originally made me stop, though, was the Bayou Boogie, a bait we’d today call a vibration bait, or Trap.

Upon further review of the ad something else caught my eye – the Dirtybird. Look at the Dirtybird close, though. Does it ring a bell in your head? Do patent suits come to mind? Does the name Chatterbait leap into your head? It should. [Read more…]