Bass Caster’s Angling Society – 1970

Membership page from the November/December 1970 issue of The Lunker Hole.

Membership page from the November/December 1970 issue of The Lunker Hole.

Recently we posted a piece about The Lunker Hole magazine, Volume 1, Number 4, in which Charlie Bumpas had won a BCAS event on Barkley Lake, Kentucky. We printed the piece in its entirety in order to give readers a look back at the sport at that time but also let the guys who were there reminisce a little. This piece, regarding that same issue, is more about the magazine itself and what its other contents were.

The masthead on the contents page lists all those involved with the magazine/organization. It lists Art Reid as the editor, Bob Mason and Jan Swetz as associate editors, Dick Carter as art director, Barbara Killough as production and Doris Gilbert as circulation manager. [Read more…]

Old Bass Boat Ads – A Family Tradition 1979

1979 Bass Cat Ad.

1979 Bass Cat Ad.

Last week I recieved a bunch of old magazines from someone who has become a sounding board for me over the last few months with respect to the written word of bass fishing. Clyde Drury is an encyclopedia when it comes to old bass books and magazines. His book, The Books of the Black Bass, is currently being written as the 5th edition and is a nearly-complete bibliography and review of anything ever written about bass. I say nearly because in this industry it’s hard to keep up with everything that has been written on the subject.

Anyway, last week Clyde sent me a bunch of magazines and there were a number of them in the box that I’d never seen let alone heard of. One of those magazines was from the Bass Caster’s Association called “the Lunker Hole.” As I thumbed through one of the 1979 issues I was taken aback by one of the boat ads in it. Namely it was the Bass Cat ad shown here. [Read more…]

Season at a Glance: 1976 Bassmaster Tour – Part Two

JImmy Houston would win the Bassmaster AOY in only his second year as a full-time pro.

JImmy Houston would win the Bassmaster AOY in only his second year as a full-time pro. Photo February 1977 issue of Bassmaster Magazine.

[Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of a three-part series on the 1976 Bassmaster Tournament Trail. To read Part One click here.]

By the halfway point of the ’76 season, there had been two rookies win events, Jimmy Houston had secured his first Bassmaster win and Roland Martin and Tom Mann were out of the AOY hunt for the first time since its inception.

The Bassmaster AOY race was headed by two-year pro Jimmy Houston with Bill Dance in a close second. Tommy Martin, Don Mann and Roger Moore rounded out the top 5.

The second half of the season would take the anglers to two familiar waters, Buggs Island and Bull Shoals, along with a body of water B.A.S.S. had never ventured to before, Cordell Hull in Tennessee. In the July/August 1976 issue of Bassmaster Magazine, Bob Burnette wrote a piece about Hull – a newly impounded reservoir in the central part of the state. The lake had only been formed four years prior, was riverine and offered nearly 400 miles of shoreline. It was formed by the Cumberland River and the Obey River directly below famed Dale Hollow. This event should be about as even a playing field as any in the past since the inception of B.A.S.S. [Read more…]

OT Plus Santee Equals a Record

OT Fears and paert of his record weight. Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

OT Fears and paert of his record weight. Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

By 1994, Oklahoma pro OT Fears had won the 1987 Red Man All-American on the Arkansas River and established himself as a full-time pro, but despite three Bassmaster Classic appearances, he’d yet to win a B.A.S.S. event. He’d finished 4th at Truman Reservoir in 1983, but since that time he’d notched just four top tens, finishing no better than 7th in any event.

In the mid-90s, though, he went on a bit of a tear, winning three events in the span of 20 tournaments, during a time period of just over a year and a half. The first of those was the 1994 South Carolina Invitational on Santee Cooper, which proved to be not only his B.A.S.S. breakthrough, but also a record-breaker. He won with 77-04 over three days, including a then-record one day, five fish limit of 34 pounds 4 ounces. [Read more…]

Old Boat Ads – Bass Cat

Bass Cat’s first full-page ad in Bass Master Magazine. Photo Nov/Dec Issue of Bass Master Magazine.

I have a soft spot in my heart for old bass boats. When I was young I wanted a Terry for obvious reasons. Over the course of time my family or I have owned a number of different boats – Sea Nymph, MonArk, Champion and Skeeter. All were great rides, fished well and – except for the Sea Nymph – were reasonably fast in their day.

Going through a 1975 vintage Bass Master Magazine the other day, though, I ran across an add for the boat company I’ve been running the last 7 years – Bass Cat.

The ad shows an old “tub-style” boat common for that era and also a more aggressive pad-style boat. It also shows Tommy Martin, Jerry Crowell and Basil Bacon, anglers that were staffed by Bass Cat at the time and all three 1974 Champions. Pretty impressive. [Read more…]