WBFA Team Champs 1979

1978 Western Bass team Champions. Spring 1979 issue WBFA Magazine.

1978 Western Bass team Champions. Spring 1979 issue WBFA Magazine.

A couple weeks ago Brian started a piece called Bass History in Photos. In this column we show a historically significant picture and hopefully you all fill in some blanks or at least talk about it. Well, this time I have a picture that many of you won’t have a clue who is in the picture – unless you’re from the West and fished in the early days – so I feel a bit obliged to at least introduce some fo the players.

So, what do we have here? This is a piece from Western Bass Magazine (Spring 1979 issue) talking about the winners from the 1978 Team Championship held at Lake Mead.  Of you’re not from the West, only one name will ring a bell. Unfortunately, three of the other five names could have been nationally recognized had they chosen to venture East and fish the Bassmaster circuit. I don’t know much about the other two.

If you zoom in on the picture and read the names in the main picture caption, you’ll see Jay Hoffman and Guy Skinner mentioned first.  Jay was a terror on the early southern California team circuit along with the Western Bass pro circuit. Guy was one of the original Lowrance pro-staff members of the early 70s and solid competitor on the WBFA circuit. Then you have Doodlin’ Don Iovino. Don needs no introduction to the world and is considered the Grandfather of finesse fishing in the West. Also shown on this page is his guide ad for Castaic, Casitas and Piru. If you got to fish with Don, you were lucky as he was booked nearly every day he was free from competition. Last but not least you have Frank Scofield. Whenever Frank set out on the water, the competition knew. He won his share of the early Western events.

Do you remember these anglers? Have something you would like to ad?  Please do. We need to get more readers involved with us reliving the past.