This Month In Bass Fishing History

Time again to take a look back at what was happening in the bass fishing world, this time focusing on what occurred during the month of September. Let’s start by going back…

davyhite15 YRS AGO: Sep. 19, 1998, and S. Carolina’s Davy Hite Wins what is touted as the largest cash award in angling history when he edges Tommy Biffle in the finals of the $250,000 WAL-MART FLW Tour Championship. The Top-10 in this event was incredibly stout and also included Gary Klein, George Cochran, Rick Clunn, Denny Brauer, Clark Wendlandt and Mike McClelland, all back in the days when most pros fished both the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tours. Those were the days.

Moving on….



20 YRS AGO: Fresh off his 1993 Classic win, David Fritts starts the 1994 B.A.S.S. season off with another win, this time in the Virginia Invitational held Sep 15-17, 1993 at Buggs Island Reservoir, VA. As you might expect, it’s another deep crankbait victory for Fritts, helping to solidify his reputation as the best deep cranker in the game, and putting Poe’s Cedar Baits at the forefront of deep crankbaits.

25 YRS AGO: Hank Parker wins the Missouri Invitational Sep 21-23, 1988 on Truman Reservoir, MO. Check out this classic footage of him doing what he did best, fishing shallow, way up the river with his pistol grip rod and the unique way he held his rod while fishing.


Kneelin' and Reelin'

Kneelin’ and Reelin’

30 YRS AGO: The New York Invitational held Sep 14-16, 1983 on Seneca Lake, NY is won by Paul Elias with 32-00 pounds of smallmouth. What is unique about his win, though certainly not unique to Paul, is his use of a deep diving crankbait to pull off the victory. Rick Clunn would later state in an interview that, “The only time in 30 years that I remember someone doing well fishing a crankbait for smallmouth was when Paul Elias won on Seneca Lake,” after Rick, himself, almost pulled off a win using the same tactic.

Randy Fite. Photo

Randy Fite. Photo

35 YRS AGO: Technically a cousin to Rick Clunn, Randy Fite would get his one and only win at the Alabama Invitational, held Sept. 20-22, 1978 on West Point Lake, AL. Randy was one of the first anglers to be considered a deep water expert, and would later be featured in a jigging spoon episode of “The Bassmasters” television show. Pete covers the entire story in this BoatUS Angler piece.

1 Roland Martin40 YRS AGO: Roland Martin would go on to take the win for the third time back in 1973. This time he captures the B.A.S.S. All-American held Sep. 26-28, 1973 on Watts Bar Reservoir, TN. His ten fish over the course of the event weighed 21-06 and broke the record Junior Collis set only a few months prior for smallest winning weight. With the win, he tied Bill Dance for the angler with the most B.A.S.S. wins and he won his third Bass Master Angler of the Year award – his third in three years. You can read more about that year in Terry’s piece covering the 1973 season at a glance.

Finally, September is a big birthday month out on tour. Among those celebrating another year under their belts are the following professional anglers:

  • Bernie Schultz
  • Kelly Jordon
  • Takahiro Omori
  • Kurt Dove
  • Greg Hackney
  • Jared Litner
  • Randy Howell
  • Britt Myers
  • Jason Williamson
  • Chris Zaldain
  • Ott DeFoe
  • Jacob Wheeler