The Roots of Quantum

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

You know the names: KVD, Biffle, Grigsby, Klein, Hackney, Rojas, Swindle…there are several more. They all fish for Team Quantum, but would you recognize their first line of baitcasters if you saw them? Or could you even guess when they were introduced? Here’s what we’ve gathered on the topic.

Quantum is one of the companies under the Zebco family of products, along with Rhino, Martin, Cajun Line, Fin-Nor, and Van Staal. From documents filed with the US Patent Office, first use of the name in commerce was assigned the date of March 15, 1984. And from what I’ve been able to gather, the first model of baitcast reel they brought to the public was the QD1310. The reel had a host of features including;

  • The Q Cast recessed one hand spool release button
  • A ‘U” shaped arbor to accomodate a variety of line sizes
  • Select graphite components to reduce overall weight
  • A stainless steel ball bearing
  • and a high-speed 5.1:1 gear ratio

DynamagThe “Q” in the name likely stood for ‘Quantum’, but the “D” was probably for ‘DynaMag’, their 280 degree cast control system with rare earth cobalt magnets. There were other models in the 1310 line-up that would follow on the heels of this one, most notably the very popular (at the time) 1310MG, of which I owned a couple. They also introduced a line of spinning reels in that same general time frame, and yes, I also owned one of those – I know, tackle-holic.

Newer model reels like the recently released EXO look nothing like the old Quantum models, but you’ll still run across guys throwing versions of the 1310 line of reels from time to time out on the water. Now you know a bit more about their beginnings.