The Gray Lady Talks Bass

NYTLast May, we discussed coverage of tournament bass fishing in Sports Illustrated and linked to a few examples of that magazine’s profiles of the bass scene.

SI isn’t the only mainstream pub to publish pieces about our sport. Indeed, many of the biggest names in the publishing world have given ink to BASS, FLW and others.

Here are some examples from one of the most influential of all, the New York Times, the same newspaper to which the first President Bush mentioned that Bassmaster is his favorite magazine:

  1. Northeast Attracting Black Bass Tourneys, April 27, 1990: Increasing numbers of bass events outside the south
  2. In Hartford, the River is Beckoning Once Again, April 7, 1996: Rejuvenation of the Connecticut River as a tournament site
  3. From Teacher to Top Angler, September 11, 2001: Profile of co-angler Judy Israel
  4. Angler Wins Bass Tournament With a Late Sink-or-Swim Move, June 24, 2002: Sam Newby wins the Forrest Wood Open
  5. Hooked on Bass Fishing at an Early Age, August 18, 2002: Profile of Jay Yelas
  6. Hartford Fixed its River, Now it Wants Fishermen, March 28, 2004: Another article about the Connecticut River
  7. In This Fish Story, the Money Keeps Getting Bigger, April 28, 2004: Profile of Mike Iaconelli
  8. Welcome, but, Shhh, You’ll Frighten the Fish, February 25, 2006: Retrospective of the 2006 Classic, featuring Aaron Martens
  9. Bassmaster Classic as Religious Experience, February 23, 2007: Profile of Federation Classic qualifier (and Buddhist priest) Shigeru Tsukiyama
  10. From Whip to Rod, Ex-Jockey Tries Taming a New Animal, April 20, 2007: Profile of Kevin Wirth
  11. Angler Who Can Make His Line Dance, Too, February 20, 2008: Profile of Skeet Reese
  12. Slow Day Can’t Keep Angler From Title, February 25, 2008: Alton Jones wins the Bassmaster Classic
  13. Online Fantasy and Real Money in Fishing, April 7, 2008: FLW’s increased fantasy fishing purses
  14. Lessons From Big Leagues Guide a Bassmaster Rookie, May 2, 2008: Profile of former Major League pitcher and Elite Series pro Billy Brewer
  15. For a Pro Angler, Fishing Is a Relief From Breast Cancer, September 17, 2008: Profile of WBT angler Darla Bardelli
  16. Fishing for Bass as Part of a Team, October 14, 2008: Illinois high school fishing
  17. Bass Fishing Tour Is a Life Journey for Takahiro Omori, February 18, 2010: The story of a Japanese pro’s rise to success with BASS
  18. True Fish Tale: Angler, 70, Still Casts With the Best, May 19, 2010: Profile of Guy Eaker
  19. Gone Fishing on Scholarship, With Hopes of Turning Pro, June 22, 2010: Bethel College attempts to build a dominant college bass fishing program.