The Golden Meteor: Reaching the 100 hp Milestone

March 11, 1966 ad in the Milwaukee Sentinel.

March 11, 1966 ad in the Milwaukee Sentinel.

Since the beginning of bass tournaments, outboard motors have been about bigger and faster. It’s hard to say which one drove the other. But I came across the program for the 1966 Sentinel Sports-Travel-Boat Show (Wisconsin) that was published on March 11 of that year, and in it are a pair of ads for a new engine being introduced by Johnson Motors that hit the 100hp mark, a milestone of sorts, called the Golden Meteor.

They state, “Never has an outboard engine provided such blazing response or so much usable power. What’s more, fuel economy is eye-opening. This new V-100 uses no more fuel than two-cycle outboards of substantially less horsepower.” The motor featured a “high-thrust, low drag lower unit,” which supposedly did wonders for acceleration after hole shot. There was also a tuned exhaust, improved carburetion, and a straight-through fuel induction system.

Other internal features included die-cast, aluminum alloy pistons, molybdenum-filled rings and Electramatic drive. There was also a 2 year warranty on both parts and labor. And if that wasn’t enough to sell you on the motor, the other ad featured a pair of “Go-Go” girls hauling in what looks like a fake fish that bit a giant worm, all while fishing out of their Glastron boat paired with the new 100hp Johnson outboard.

"Go-Go" girls and a 100hp outboard...What's not to like?

“Go-Go” girls and a 100hp outboard…What’s not to like?