The Bass Fishing Darwin Awards

darwinawardsmotivationOkay folks, over the last two days Brian posted a couple of stories about some not-so-bright rod and reel designs over the years. The first was the worst (arguably) handle design to ever grace the pages of our magazines and possibly the 14 boats that it rode in during its short tenure in the industry. The second was about an innovative (you really have to be innovative to design and market something stupid) spinning rod/reel design that should have never made it outside of the mind that thought it up.

Those two posts gave me an idea. What are the worst designs of gear, boats and any other bass fishing paraphernalia that have ever been dreamed up and actually marketed? I know you all have a your favorite so why don’t you let us know and we’ll post a Hall of Shame here on the Bass Fishing Archives and maybe we’ll call it the Bass Fishing Darwin awards.

You can submit your ideas and entries either in the comment section of this post OR, better yet, send us an email (use the contact form in the header). If you have a picture of the contraption, all the better. This site is a participation site and we like to think up new ways to get everyone involved. So think back to that bait, boat accessory, rod or reel part that made you think to yourself, “what was that dude on who thought that stupid thing up,” send it in to us and have some fun looking at what everyone else has sent it.

  • Jeff Hahn

    Terry: I sent you an e-mail about one of the most bizarre, bad lure ideas ever.

    Jeff Hahn

    • Got it Jeff. I like it!!! I’ll post it in a few days.

  • Jay Davis

    It’s pretty recent, so I almost feel bad bringing it up, but the Lock Lizard.

    • Now Jay, that’s something I’d never seen. When I watched the video, I about spit out my drink on the screen. Definitely up there!!!!