The Age of Powerful Pro Staffs

Can you name the 8 man 1984 Skeeter Team?

Can you name the 8 man 1984 Skeeter Team?

It seems like every week I read a new press release saying how some pro has been signed to some company’s pro staff. Maybe it’s just me, but pro staffs don’t seem to have the same appeal now days as they used to “back in the day.” So for just a moment, lets drift back in time to revisit one of the most powerful pro staffs in all of bass fishing. Back when the “Skeeter” was built into the name, not flying above it. This would be the early 80s, and one of the most recognizable pro staff teams on the planet, or so it seemed  – TEAM SKEETER. I was so influenced, I even copied and drew the “Skeeter” logo onto most things I wrote that began with a capital ‘S’ (LOL). See if you can recognize the faces who were on that team from this national ad in the 1984 Bassmaster Classic Report.

  • Pete Robbins

    I seem to recall that Skeeter had an association with Dodge and many members of their team drove matching Dodge vans. Some of them even had double-stack trailers and went places in pairs — not great if you wanted to launch in different places. Does anyone have more info on this or, better yet, pictures?

  • Rich Tauber
    Larry Nixon
    Tommy Martin
    Ken Cook
    John Torian
    Harold Allen
    David Wharton
    Rick Clunn

    How did I do TB?

  • Brian

    Kent – You got 7 out of 8 – not bad…I’ll tell you the incorrect guess (John Torian). John was part of the “Hemphill Gang,” but not the one featured in the Skeeter ad.

  • Brian

    Pete – Dodge and Skeeter have paired up over the years, but I honestly have never heard of them running the dual trailer rigs by their pros. They were popular for a spell though, so I wouldn’t rule it out. That would be a good question if you ever run into any of the keeter Pro guys from that time period (Larry, Harold, Tommy). I do know that both Guido & Dion, along with Linda England & Fredda Lee both ran dual boat trailers for a while. Linda/Fredda were Stratos/Johnson/Daiwa team members, and Guido was at least Johnson/Daiwa (but Ranger Boats, I thought). Don & Tom Mann (Mann’s Bait Co.) also had a tandem rig that they used at times. You can view that outfit stacked with a pair of old Alisson Craft boats at the following link:

  • Andy Williamson

    Looks like Ron Shuffield in the center, but I might be wrong.

  • Brian

    Not Ron – Here’s a hint. He was a professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys, not a professional bass angler. He also hosted a Celebrity Bass Tournament (in his name) benefiting The Make-A-Wish Foundation for over a dozen years.

  • Dewey Reams

    Randy White