Old Boats – A Chance Encounter

A Nov 2011 picture of a 1973 Ranger. Photo Terry Battisti.

It’s been a while since we put up an Old Boats post an that’s in the works for the near future. But I did come across this old one when I was down in Huntsville, AL about a year ago. Here I am in the general store with my buddy Alan Clemons getting a fishing license a couple of Yoo Hoos and the ever-required Vienna sausages when this 1973 Ranger pulled up to get gas. I put down the Yoo Hoos – AC was holding the sausages – and ran for the gas pump.

After talking to the gentlemen for a while, they told me I could snap some shots of her. Turns out they weren’t the original owners of the boat but had had it for a number of years and used it primarily as a crappie boat. Looking at the interior, it was evident the carpet had been replaced at least once along with the motor and troller. It still had the factory speedo and tach along with electrical outlets for the trolling motor. The seats had been replaced with Bass Pro Shops specials and it had an old Hummingbird flasher and LCD graph on the console. It was a great old boat that I bet could tell a lot of stories. Who were it’s previous owners? Had it fished many tournaments and did it ever win? How many different bodies of water had it seen? So many questions to ask.

One thing, though, from the looks of the stealth engine cowling, it could have been one of Steve Kennedy’s old rigs.

Anyone out there have an early bass boat or even pictures they want to share with us? If you do, contact us and maybe we’ll do a story on it.