More Old Boat Wraps?

Mister Twister BoatA couple of weeks ago Brian posted a piece in here about old boat wraps – or maybe more correctly, what there was before the actual wrap. That piece spawned a lot of interest from readers and one of the responses was from Ontario reader Doug Cain.

Doug was kind enough to write and subsequenty sent in a picture of another pre-wrap boat, this one flashing the Mister Twister logo.

Here’s what Doug’s message said about the “wrap.”

“Attached please find copy of September 1975 photo of a Mister Twister boat wrap. There were at least three Mister Twister boats in Minnesota in 1974-5. Shown in this boat, with 28-pound Muskie from Big Lake, MN, is Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member John Peterson. John used a Mister Twister Muskie Tandem Spin to land the fish.

John was a sales rep for Mister Twister at the time and went on to start Northland Fishing Tackle in Bemidji, MN. This photo was taken about a week after John won the 1975 Muskies Inc. 8th International Tournament with a 37 pound 52 inch muskie.

Other Mister Twister wrapped boats were manned by Ted Capra, John’s sales rep company business partner, and Jerry Mills, plant manager for Ric Welle. Ric Welle and Glynn Carver launched Mister Twister.”

Although the fish in the picture is of a muskie, just looking at the gear in the boat and the Mister Twister logo plastered on the side of the boat, this could easily have been any angler fishing bass. For example, look at the electronics – there’s what appears to be a Si-Tex paper graph in the stern and a Lowrance Green Box in the front. Also note the Minn-Kota trolling motor on the bow. It’s just another awesome picture showing us where we came from.

In another email from Doug he stated, “The photo was taken by Jerry Mills. The “wrap” was hand (spray) painted by Lee Crandall of International Falls, MN.”

Hand spray painted? That’s talent right there.

Thanks for the submission Doug.

For you readers out there, Doug is currently writing a book and is in need of a picture of the old Mister Twister Tank display that you’d see in tackle shops nationwide. You remember the one I’m talking about. It was a round tank that was filled with water and had a motor that would drag Mister Twister grubs or worms through that water to show their action. Anyone who knows where to locate a picture of the tank, please contact us here at