May 4, 1971 – A Bad Day for Boat Manufacturers

News release from July/August 1971 issue of Bass Master Magazine.

I’m sure most of you know that the Ranger facility located in Flippin AR burned down May 4, 1971 due to a spark that ignited a can of acetone. All that was salvaged from the fire was a metal desk and 60 boat orders. After calling his customers and ensuring them their boats would be built, Forrest, Nina and his workers rebuilt the company and the rest is history.

What many may not know is there was another Arkansas boat company, MonArk of Monticello, AR, that got hit by a flash fire on the same day. Here’s the news clip from the 1971 July/August issue of Bass Master Magazine.

Kind of a strange coincidence that two bass boat manufacturers burned down the same day – don’tcha think?