If You Wait Long Enough, It’ll Return

1976 Bomber ad featuring the Bomber Twin Spin.

I was skimming through the 1976 volume of Bassmaster Magazine recently and it dawned on me we haven’t seen nor heard from the once famous twin spin in a long time. For those of you who haven’t been bass fishing for more than 20 years, the twin spin might not be of much interest to you. On the other hand, if you have been bass fishing for more than 20 years or longer, the bait might surely bring back some fond memories.

Pictured at the bottom of this Bomber ad from around 1975 is a good example of what I’m talking about. The bait resembles the common spinnerbait except for the fact that it has two blades attached via their own wires. In this example by Bomber, the blade arms actually rotated and as the bait would fall, the arms would ride up due to friction. Then when the bait was pulled, the arms would collapse back down and ride like a normal spinnerbait.

The first twin spin I ever heard of was a Shannon Twin Spin, originally invented around 1915. Through the 50s the bait style was an old standby up until roughly the mid-70s. Then the bait dropped off the radar and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone younger than 40 who knows what one is.

2012 War Eagle Twin Spin.

The bait is a lure that’s best fished deep. Yes it’ll catch fish fished as you would a standard spinnerbait but where it shines is in deep ledge fishing. As a drop bait, it’s hard to beat – which brought me to the question, “is anyone making them anymore?”

Well, a quick search on the internet proved that I was wrong in assuming the bait had been forgotten, at least by lure manufacturers. It seems that War Eagle has brought the bait back to life after a long siesta. The next questions is, “is anyone out there in bass land using them?” I hear crickets but is that because no one is using them OR because you don’t want to let the cat out of the bag?

  • Paul Wallace

    I’m not using them anymore, because I’m golfing too much..lol.They are also sold by Gopher Tackle in Minnesota, which had a small article in In-Fisherman a while back. The ones I remember where Bass Buster I think, with yellow and black skirt???

  • Golf? You know Paul, the only time I’ve ever been on a golf course was to fish the ponds. I think you could kill two birds by taking a rod with you with a twin spin tied on. 🙂

  • Mann’s had a pretty good one a dozen years or so ago. Maybe it was longer.
    Caught a lot of fish crawling it just over the bottom in cold water.

  • Bill Rice

    We fished the double bass boober (Rip Nunnery’s Bandit Lure) a lot in the 60s and 70s….especially good lure at San Vicente, let it sink, fast retrieve, stop, sink, fast retrieve….fish usually hit on the sink after a stop. We had a lot of good days fishing with Rip and his lures at many San Diego lakes.

  • Bill M

    Couple years ago they were hot topic on the Tacklemakers forums online, seemed everyone was making some for themselves. Hmmm, I think I found a winter project.


    Al Linder has used one of these for the past 40 years.. its his go to bait in winter.. don’t believe me , just ask him on Face book.. they are an excellent lure but the last time I found one to buy was in the Delta area of California.. and I was told that they caught spots on it on those deep clear lakes..

    • fish_food

      Re: “…they are an excellent lure but the last time I found one to buy was in the Delta area of California…”

      I actually bought two Shannon Twin Spins from Delta Bait & Tackle in Manteca, CA in 1980. I was around thirteen years old!

  • I just wonder “why” virtually no one throws them anymore. Such a great bait back then. I would be willing to bet that if someone were to use one on KY lake or any lake that is known for ledge fishing they would clean up. Especially since the fish haven’t seen them for a long long time.

    With the technology we have today – better hooks, better mold making techniques, etc – someone should be making one that’s 3/4 to 1 ounce with the swinging arms.

    It was what, 1981 or 82 that the Krocodile spoon won a major tour-level event, it was hot for a couple years and then went dormant until Kelly Jordon spilled the beans on KY lake with the Lake Fork Flutter Spoon.

    Makes me wonder…….