Get Yer Patches Here!

EBSCO Lettering Service Ad from 1976.

EBSCO Lettering Service Ad from 1976.

Again, technology has replaced that old bygone era of accumulating every tackle and marine manufacturers’ patches and having your wife (or mom) sew them to every square inch of exposed cloth on your fishing clothes. Today’s die-sublimated “jerseys” take all the fun and character out of pimping the tackle you wish you were paid to use – you surely didn’t get paid for it back then unless your named ended in Martin, Dance or Mann.

Still, there were other types of patches that the bass angler wanted or coveted. For example, my first bass club used to give patches away for 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-place tournament finishes and also for the AOY award that we all so willingly had our wives (mom) sew on our club jackets. It gave us all a feeling of accomplishment and when you went to a club-on-club event, it let them know who the big swinging… anglers were. It was fun and brought us all together in a patchy sort of way.

So, back in the day where might one get a load of patches to put on their jumpsuit? Well, EBSCO Lettering Service out of Birmingham, AL (home of all things bass patch) was where you went to. Our club used them and they did a great job. I don’t know how many others used them but based on the fact they advertised in every bass magazine out there (this advert was from an old Western Bass magazine) they must have been busy.

Just for drizzles and giggles I looked up EBSCO on the internet just to see if they were still in business, you know with all the patches being sold today and all. Seems that EBSCO is a huge company who now has their hands in everything from internet services to research, to publishing to owning a number of outdoor companies such as PRADCO, Carry-Lite Decoys and Moultrie Feeders. Who’d a thunk that? And guess what, they even still have a division that does embroidery! It’s called EBSCO Promotional Products Group. Anyone need any patches? Pete?