Experiences – Randy Blaukat

Professional Angler, Randy Blaukat

Professional Angler, Randy Blaukat

In this series of videos we ask Tour-level pros questions about how they got their start in professional bass fishing – be it a childhood experience, an early tournament they fished or some other experience they had along the way.

Please understand the sound in these videos is not the best due to the high background noise and the fact our microphones were not working. Still, they provide a cool look back into these pros early careers and what shaped them into the anglers they are today.

In this video, Randy Blaukat talks about how he got the bug to fish professionally. He starts with his childhood and fishing small, local weekend tournaments and ends with his near miss on the Mississippi River in 2000. Blaukat led the first two days but a disaster on Day 3 kept him from the win.

As mentioned above, audio was difficult to get and we couldn’t use the end of the video due to too much background noise. Because of this, the end of the discussion will be written out below the video. Sorry for the technical difficulties.



After blowing his motor on the third day all the way down where his fish were, his hopes of winning the event were lost. He ended up weighing one fish for the day. But there’s something more about that event that stands out in Blaukat’s mind.

“What stands out in my mind about that tournament was how epic that run was,” he said. “The Mississippi River is a dangerous place – there’s jetties, wakes, barges, everything is dangerous. I literally had blisters on my butt and my co-anglers did too from making that run each day.

“To make that run own there safely and then catch 20 pounds of fish I then had to worry if I could get back safely. It ended up being the most memorable tournament experience I’ve had.”