“Down and Dirty” Crankbaits of the 70s

Gudebrod ad, Dec. 1973 Fishing Facts

Gudebrod ad, Dec. 1973 Fishing Facts

While Andre Moore and Reaction Innovations might be the most notable company these days to use some “creatively sexy” slang to name their baits and soft plastic colors as a marketing tactic, they certainly weren’t the first in this area. One example of this that I recently came across in a 1973 issue of Fishing Facts was a deep crankbait that was manufactured by Gudebrod. The first thing you probably think of when you here the name Gudebrod is braided line, and both Terry and Pete have covered that topic before. But like many old manufacturers of the time, the company also had a line of baits that they marketed.

In particular, there was a deep diving crankbait in the lineup known as the “Bump ‘N’ Grind.” There were two sizes featured in the ad, one being a 1/2-oz. version that ran 12′-15′ deep. The other was a larger 1-1/8 oz. bait that was said to cover the 15′-22′ range, this at a time well before the introduction of super deep plugs such as the Mann’s 20+. The crankbaits were part of their ‘Golden Eye Lure’ series of baits, and sold for $1.95 (smaller) and $2.65 (larger).

Another interesting feature from the ad was the length of ‘names’ for color options in baits. For example, the ad lists the following colors:

  • Green perch with orange belly, black ribs, red nose
  • Black back, gold sides, white belly, red gills and nose
  • Yellow back with gold sides, white belly, red gills and nose
  • Blue back with silver sides, yellow belly, red gills and nose
  • Shad back with clear sides, shite belly, red gills and nose

Now those color names are a mouthful. If there is one thing we can all be thankful for now days, maybe even more so than the technology improvements in baits, would be the short, precise color names manufacturers use like ‘sexy shad’ – LOL.