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But garlic wasn’t always associated with attracting bass.

Look at this clip from the June 1994 issue of Bassmaster, advertising the fact that Fish Formula had introduced a garlic-scented concoction. “[T] he garlic is intended as a masking scent, rather than as an attractant,” the article stated. It’s still far from scientifically proven that garlic is the ideal masking agent, but unlike the “Ooze” product written up in the same article, it seems to have stood the test of time.



  • Rob Shaw

    I remember as a kid growing up in Springfield, Mo and surrounded by bass fishing, my Grandfather, an accomplished outdoorsman in the region spoke of a fish attractant that I believe had something to do with ether…essence of ether maybe? That was a long time ago and this article brought back old memories.

    • Hey Rob! Nice to see you here. πŸ™‚ Ether??? Were they trying to put the fish to sleep?

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!


  • Jerry Rapp

    maybe anise oil? Back in the 70’s when I made plastic worms, I use to use that.