Braid in the 70s?

1977 Gudebrod Dacron Braid Ad.

No way, Braid came out with the advent of Spider Wire – didn’t it? Well, actually braided lines are probably the oldest lines in fishing. It’s just that they weren’t made of Spectra back in the day. Early lines were spun out of everything from cat gut to Dacron, all in an attempt to make a better line.

Here’s a 1977 ad for one of the remaining braid manufacturers in the 70s, Gudebrod. Their Supernatural braid was supposedly translucent to make it harder for fish to see. As you can see from the ad, they must have had a different definition of translucent – at least compared to mono or today’s fluorocarbon lines. Still considering today’s braid, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in visibility. Where they do differ, though, is in their diameter. Old Dacron braids were a lot thicker than a comparable Spectra line of today and not nearly as strong. Plus they didn’t compact on the spool nearly as tight as today’s lines.

Now, I wonder if anyone will come out with a better cat-gut line? I bet that would get the P3T@ folks all in an uproar.