Before Wraps There was Wimp

1977 Limited Edition NBA Medalist Hurst ad by Wimp Cantrell.

1977 Limited Edition NBA Medalist Hurst ad by Wimp Cantrell.

Bassmaster had their Classic Ranger-made boats, BCA had their Championship Bass Cat Boats – why not National Bass have their own boat too? That’s exactly what we’re looking at here folks, except this boat differed from their standard Medalist Championship Hurst bass boat in that it was custom painted by Wimp Cantrell and in limited edition.

It’s a pretty cool concept as seen here by Orlando Wilson’s ride. I mean it’s not radically different from today’s wrapped boats. Looks clean and no one in your local Wednesday-nighter is bound to have one.

What I wonder about, though, is how did the paint stand up to scrapping cypress trees, beaching on a sand bar or even normal use? I’ve seen boats that had been painted and the paint never seemed to hold up. Did they start with a white hull and go from there? In that case it might not have been that bad. But imagine what it would have looked like if the gelcoat was blue sparkly. In a few years it’d look like it’d been left in south central Los Angeles during the Rodney King fiasco.

The main thing I think is cool about this ad is the Hurst boat itself. From what I understand it was a direct copy of a Champion and although there weren’t that many in the west, I did run across a number of them in the 80s and 90s. They were good looking boats, fast for the day and had ample storage and deck area. If I were to have gotten one, though, I think I would have not opted for the paint job.

  • There were a lot of Hursts up this way (comparatively).Never saw one with the fancy paint job though.

  • fish_food

    I don’t think I’ve heard of Hurst but I can totally see the Champion lines…

  • Jojo Norwood

    I almost bought a Hurst in the 80’s…….Skeeter made a boat w/ them chopped off back corners too. The Bass Club I was in back then had a wide varity of boats, then the boat race broke-out and they ran off and left me…LOL