Bassin’ Fashion — Plaid Edition

Ricky Green rocking the full 1970s ensemble

Ricky Green, the man behind the Cajun’s “Ricky Green Fishin’ Machine,” was one of the big names in bass fishing in the early years of BASS. He won two events and qualified for 14 Classics, finishing in the top seven on six different occasions. Those included two runner-up Classic finishes, in 1972 at Tennessee’s Percy Priest Reservoir and in 1983 on the Ohio River. He last fished a BASS tournament in 1997.

But really, Ricky, what were you thinking with this get-up seen in the September/October 1976 issue of Bassmaster?

The shirt is OK, the hat is acceptable, but the plaid pants and white belt combo make you look like you’re headed to the Early Bird special at the retirement home.

It’s probably unfair to criticize him for wearing what many others wore at the time (Jimmy Houston is pictured in the same issue rocking a pair of white pants with piped stars down the side of the leg, as well as the same white belt — were they on sale at Bass Pro Shops?). Then again, the outfit wouldn’t necessarily be out of place on one of today’s top anglers. The trucker hat (Remitz) and plaid shorts (Crews, Monroe, Swindle) can all be seen on The Bassmasters, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Ike showed up with these mutton chop sideburns .



  • fish_food

    I hope to see coverage of the 1970s era Fishing Vest (adorned with patches galore) and the Jumpsuit (also adorned with patches) in a future edition!

    Also cool were the cycling tops Shimano provided to some of their spokemen during the 80s…

    The dorky NASCAR wannabe fishing “uniforms” of the 1990s are absolutely hideous and I hope to see some commentary on that era of bassin’ fashion as well.

    Great blog!

  • fish_food

    By the way–the pattern in Ricky Green’s pants is technically a Gingham Check!

    • Hey Fish_food, we have a ton of stuff prepared that shows the “threads of the past” that should entertain you (and others). By the way, I have to apologize for Pete’s mess-up on the plaid. He’s never been able to get his patterns straight – pun intended. 🙂

  • Bill Moore

    The 70’s Man, you had to be there.

    • Yes Bill, and unfortunately I was there and my mom dressed me accordingly. :-/

  • Chris

    Cool seeing Timmy Horton show up in the old school jumpsuit at the classic this year- great blog