A Swarm of Bs

Balsa BsOkay, maybe I’m becoming a little centered on certain things here but you’ve got to understand my excitement with this recent find. What you see in the picture here are some of the Balsa Bs I found yesterday in a moving box I hadn’t opened in about 20 years. When I moved from California to Idaho back in 1993, I didn’t think Idaho had bass. Fortunately, I found that not to be the case.

There are a couple reasons I think this find is significant. One, at the top left is an original Bagley’s B lure. 4 inches in length and the original chartreuse black back. I remember buying this lure at the Lake Castaic Mobile Mini Mart owned by Claude and Shirley Jones around the 1980 time frame. This lure, two others just like it and the DB3s below it I got for $3 each. The original Bagley’s Bs came in original plastic boxes (I wish they’d survived) while the DB3s were newer and came on card stock.

The Diving Bs you see here, all pre-1985, have lead inserts in the lips minus the Honey Bs, which only had a rivet. The DB2 in the upper right accounted for big fish (7-04) at a club event in 1982 at Lake Cachuma, the DB2-6C9 (Green Crawfish Chartreuse Sides and Hot Belly) got me big fish at Lake Lopez in 1983 and the Honey B in Tennessee Shad got me a win at Lake Alamo in 1983 and a “place” at Lake San Antonio the same year.

What else I find interesting are some of the colors. The Chocolate DB3 with black back and orange throat is a color I’ve never seen outside of the one in this picture. The Parrot colored DB2 was a rare entity back then (at least in the West) and I’m not sure how many of the Rainbow Trout baits were painted either.

The prize of them all, though, is the original Bagley’s B.

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