A Fishing Line You’ve Never Heard Of…?

1986 Fishing Facts ad for the French fishing line "Tortue."

1986 Fishing Facts ad for the French fishing line “Tortue.”

Seems like the more we browse through these old books and magazines, the more little discoveries we come across. Case in point is this ad from 1986 from a Fishing Facts magazine for Tortue Fishing Line. Anybody ever hear of it? I know I hadn’t, so I had to do a little research. Hardly any other ads for them, no sponsored bass pros to my knowledge, but surprisingly, they’re still around.

So “Tortue” is French for “turtle,” which explains why one appeared in the ad. It was started as a French company, but I later found the following on the RapalaWorld website;

Profitable Growth Continues (2005-today) A new phase in implementation of the profitable growth strategy started in 2005. In less than a year, the Group acquired or established distribution companies in South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, China, Thailand and Switzerland and bought…fishing line supplier Tortue in France.

Like most modern companies, it appears they have lines covering monofilaments, braids and fluorocarbons. They also appear to be one of the few companies with IGFA line ratings, meaning that whatever the stated break strength is on the package is going to be very close to actual, so if you’re angling for a world or line class record, you can feel some level of comfort that what line you think you’re using is probably within certification tolerances for acceptance by the IGFA.

The description from an online tackle supplier of the line has this to say;

The fishing line that has stood the test of time. Tortue has the reputation for high quality. It is tough with an abrasion resistant finish, low stretch, consistent diameters and breaking strains.

It also appears to be a pretty popular line in Australia. The tie-in to current bass angling relevance is the recent story in Bassmaster about Carl Jocumsen, a young Australian angler trying to make a name for himself as he begins his quest to become a professional bass angler here in America. Of course, there is also Kim Baine-Moore, but she is sponsored by AFW/HI-SEAS fishing line. I’m guessing none of our readers have ever used the line, though if you have, I’d love to hear the story. It also serves as a great example of the importance of marketing, pro staffs, and sponsorships, and why companies have to spend so much on that budgetary line item to gain traction with the American bassin’ public.

Nearly 30 years later, a current spool of Tortue fishing line.

Nearly 30 years later, a current spool of Tortue fishing line.