A Better Way to Triangulate?

Who's buyin it?

Who’s buyin it?

Every once in a while we stumble across an ad that makes you realize, A.) how far we’ve come technologically over the past 40+ years, as well as, B.) if there is a way to capitalize on something to sell to a fisherman, somebody will figure it out and try and market it.

Apparently it wasn’t enough back in the days before GPS to just use your head and eyeballs, along with a little effort, to get a good triangulation lineup, similar to what guys like Bill Dance and others recommended. For just $4.95 you could have had this fancy piece of plastic and mirrors to let you see in 3 directions at once, apparently speeding up or allowing for a better triangulation. I can almost imagine a tourney back then, with all the notable offshore bass pros secretly pulling their Spot Finder out from a storage compartment when no one is looking to get their lineups on some secluded hole filled with bass waiting to chomp on a Texas-rigged plastic worm the next day – NOT.