The Cobra – And Not the Shelby Type

Action CobraWe’ve covered a few ads from Action Lures over the last year or so – namely their Action Worm ads. But Action Lures, owned by Bassmaster Classic II and III contender Ernest Neil, was more than a soft plastics company. They made an assortment of baits including the crankbait you see in this ad – the Cobra. The Cobra was an interesting concept bait, as were most of Neil’s baits.

The Cobra came in four models, two for saltwater and two for freshwater. The freshwater model, the Fantail II – which was the model I bought – actually had two line ties for different depths. The bait was shaped like a crawdad and its fanned tail acted as a diving lip when rigged backwards. This was the primary reason I got suckered into buying the thing, it looked like it’d work. Unfortunately, I could never get mine to run right and, as a result, it never caught a fish.

I never really paid much attention to the ad until recently when I saw it in a circa 1977 magazine. The only baits I’d ever seen in the tackle shops in my area were the aforementioned Fantail II so when I read this ad and saw that the Husky and Salty series baits were 6- and 8-inches in length I was pretty amazed. Those are the size of today’s swimbaits.

I hate to think that this bait is the reason for the demise of the Action Worm but Action Lures ads pretty much died out a couple years later. I guess if it wasn’t the Cobra that brought them to their knees maybe it was the fact they were courting Disco – or maybe it was a combination of the two.

  • I need one….they look like the 70’s I just have to have one lol