Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer – IV

76 BPS Xmass 10Just thought you all would like to see a couple of the electronics options from 1976/7. Again, we have a couple of ads from the 1976 Bass Pro Christmas catalog, the first showing two different Humminbird models and the second showing some accessories.

The Humminbird Super Sixty in the day was one of the top-selling flashers made – the only other flasher that gave it competition being Lowrance’s famous LFG series.  Back in this time a normal bass boat would have a minimum of a flasher on the console and one on the front of the boat. Being that it was 1976, the more serious gadget freaks would also have had a paper graph on the console too. So when you see anglers today with two 10-inch GPS/Plotters on both their bow and console it’s nothing new. The only difference being the cost of the units – which is not insignificant today. Oh how nice it would be to have my electronics cost between $70 and $130.

76 BPS Xmass 11The second ad shows the ever famous Fishthometer and the BPS Delux Depth Finder Swivel Bracket – one of the forerunners to the Ram Mount. The Fishthometer in this ad is the basic version touted for years by Bill Dance. The difference with this one is it was a permanent mount with a stationary sensor that could measure water temperature – as far as I can tell, the first of its kind.