Fenwick HMG – What’s Wrong with this Picture?

1975 Fenwick HMG rod ad.

1975 Fenwick HMG rod ad.

We’ve discussed that Fenwick was the first rod company to bring graphite (carbon fiber) technology to the fishing industry before. The year was 1974 and they had the market for a good 18 months before early competitor Skyline came out with their line of rods.

Not only was Fenwick the first to utilize the new graphite material for rods, they really made a dent on the pistol-grip handle industry while designing the blank. If you design a blank that weighs less than an old set of carbaloy guides then you better have a handle that’s worthy of the new rod. So Fenwick developed a new all-plastic handle that incorporated a plastic collet system that didn’t require the butt of the blank to be glued into the collet or handle. The result – the lightest handle on the market for the lightest blank on the market.

So why the title of this article? Well, when I was cruising through the 1975 Bassmaster that this ad was in, I saw HMG mentioned and then I saw a metal ferrule. Then I saw the metal pistol grip. They seem to have a glass Lunkerstick in the ad for their new HMG rods. Then I noticed they didn’t have the spiral wrap of cord at the base of the butt that accompanied every Lunkerstick ever made. Confused yet?  So am I.

The only thing I can deduce from this is maybe they actually made a few HMG rods with metal ferrules/handles. They were probably in a hurry to get rods out for testing and such and possibly went with the metal handles/ferrules for some of the prototypes. In any event the rod in the picture isn’t what I remember hitting the tackle shops in 1974 or ’75.

Still it’s a cool old ad that takes you back to a time when technology was starting to change the sport. Just read what Don Butler had to say.