Who Is Hurley Board (Answer & Winner – Nov. 17, 2014)

What do you know about Hurley Board?

What do you know about Hurley Board?

Congratulations to Jason Sullivan for winning this week’s trivia contest sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. For the answers, please read below.

Hurley Board – perhaps the name rings a bell – NOT! Which is kind of interesting considering he fished 70 B.A.S.S. events and weighed in over 1,000 pounds of bass during his career. His lone win came in the 1978 Virginia Invitational on Lake Gaston, where he pocketed $14,000. He attributed that win to, “10,000 casts, three packs of cigarettes and a Pepsi,” but you’ll have to know a bit more than that to win this week’s contest, sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits.

Be the first to correctly answer the following questions, and the certificate is yours.

1.Hurley wasn’t a full-time touring professional. What was his actual occupation?
2.What lure did he use to win the event?
3.Previous to this win, his highest finish was 2nd place, an Invitational on Santee-Cooper in which he lead after 2 days. What well known professional passed him on the final day to snatch victory from him?
4.What style of fishing was Hurley’s specialty?

Answers to these questions follow.
1. Though he competed in over 70 events, Hurley’s real job was actually as a plumbing contractor.

The gold Speed Shad

The gold Speed Shad

2. While Hurley was known as a deep water specialist, in a post-win interview, Hurley stated, ““I’m more of a worm fisherman than anything else, and tried to find the fish deep in practice with a bucktail jig.” However, given that the water temps were still in the 40s, Hurley went shallow looking for fish just moving up out of their deep water haunts. He found those fish and used  a 1/4-oz. gold Speed Shad with a very slow retrieve to trigger his bites.

3.At Santee-Cooper, Hurley was leading going into the final day of the event, but none other than the great Roland Martin surpassed him at that final weigh-in with 10 fish for 25-02 on the last day to beat Hurley.

4. Being from the Carolina’s, Hurley was considered a deep water specialist. In a 1977 interview in the Lexington Dispatch, Hurley said that “for every bass on the bank there are ten thousand in deep water.” Also of note is that he was considered a finesse expert. His standard gear was a short spinning outfit paired with 6 pound line and a 4 inch worm. In that same article, it documents what might be one of the first written cases of the “strolling” technique. The article states, “One of Hurley’s favorite techniques for finding fish is to troll his worm after he has selected the area he wants to fish. Slight nudges with the trolling motor will keep his worm bumbing along the bottom.”

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