Scorecard Snapshot – Tidewater Trivia (October 7, 2013)



Denny Brauer has won exactly 100 percent of the tour-level events that B.A.S.S. has held on North Carolina’s Neuse and Trent Rivers.

To be precise, he won the 1998 North Carolina Bassmaster Top 100, the only B.A.S.S. tour-level event to occur there. He beat 2nd-place finisher Alton Jones by three ounces to earn the $75,000 top prize, which was $42,000 more than Jones took home in cash and merchandise – in other words, $14,000 an ounce.



Takahiro Omori won the co-angler side of the tournament, but it wasn’t his first Bassmaster win: he’d won the 1996 Missouri Invitational on Lake of the Ozarks. His margin of victory in North Carolina wasn’t quite as narrow as Brauer’s – he beat his nearest follower by 5 ½ pounds.

The tournament launched in the city of New Bern, where the rivers join, and although they’re tidal there’s very little tidal impact on that portion of the river.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, you’ll need to answer the following four questions about Brauer and Omori and the 1998 North Carolina Top 100:

  1. How many B.A.S.S. tournaments did Brauer win in his career on tidal waters?
  2. What is Omori’s best finish in a regular season B.A.S.S. event on tidal water from the front of the boat?
  3. What color was the jig that Brauer employed for most of his catch in North Carolina?
  4. Who caught the big bass of the tournament?

The answer and winner will be announced Thursday.  Good luck!

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    Rob Melendez – Received at 9:10 AM 7 OCT, 2013

    1. 2
    2. 5th 2000 alabama top 150
    3. Electric Blue
    4. David Dudley 7-4

  • Al Hustosky

    1) Two. The 1998 North Carolina Bassmaster Top 100 and The 1998 Maryland Bassmaster Top 150.
    2) Omori finished 4th at the 2000 Louisiana Bassmaster Top 150 on the Louisiana Delta.
    3) Brauer used an Electric Blue 1/2 oz String King Pro Model jig teamed with Blue Bo Hawg Jr chunk.
    4) David Dudley had big bass with a 7-4 largemouth.