Scorecard Snapshot – Three Questions about Fritts (April 29, 2013)



Back in the early 1990s, they called it the “Fritts Blitz.”

When Lexington, N.C. pro David Fritts got on a roll, he was virtually unstoppable. It seemed that back then the typical tour-level schedules were more amenable to a crankbait bite, and of course that was right in his wheelhouse.

Between 1990 and 1994, he earned four wins in B.A.S.S competition – two on Buggs Island (Kerr Reservoir), one at the 1993 Bassmaster Classic (Logan Martin) and another regular season trophy at Lake Seminole.

The first of those wins, at Buggs, came a week after he finished second on the Potomac River. The first question relates his first win.

(1) What was special about the crankbaits that he used in that event?

In the late 1990s, Fritts was very public about his efforts to lose weight, and he credited his diet with helping him go on a tear that included three FLW Tour wins in 1997. Fitness wasn’t the only health worry in his time on tour, though. In 2004, he had another health problem that nearly derailed his career.

(2) What was it?

Finally, to cap off that magical 1997 season, Fritts won the FLW Championship on Lake Ferguson in Mississippi. While many competitors left Ferguson and ran long distances on the main river to distant backwaters to try to win the title, Fritts did most of his damage fairly close.

(3) Other than the fact that it was the third $100,000 check he earned that year, what was historically significant about the victory?

The answer and winner will be announced on Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Jeff Hahn

    #1 – Fritts hung the crankbaits on his rear view mirror so the sun would fade their paint.

    #2 – Fritts suffered an eye injury caused by muscle problems in his left eye that made him see triple when he looked down.

    #3 – Fritts won the tournament flipping a Junebug lizard, instead of cranking.