Scorecard Snapshot – The End of an Error


The 2004 FLW Tour event on the Atchafalaya Basin was the sole victory in Louisiana pro Sam Swett’s FLW career and accounted for $100,000 of his $173,415 in FLW Outdoors winnings. It was a low-weigh event in which it only took 23-03 over two days to make the cut to Day Three, and a mere 11-15 (four fish over two days) to claim the 75th place check.

Swett certainly remembers his home state win, where he used his knowledge of tides and a clear water bayou near the Gulf of Mexico to outlast his competitors, but the tournament was historically significant for another reason.

Do you remember why?

The answer will be revealed Thursday, July 5, 2012 around 9:00 AM eastern time.


  • Even though it was the second event of the FLW Tour Majors that year, it was the first event in which FLW began the increased purse ($10,000 payoff to the Top-50 anglers). The “error” might be in reference to Billy Bowen Jr, who accidently culled out 1 too many fish, only weighing 4 fish on Day 2 even though he caught 7 “keepers” that day. Though the error cost him a higher finish, the newly instituted payoff schedule still got him a great check since he ended up in the Top 50.

  • Pete

    Great stuff, Brian, but I’m thinking something even bigger in this case — a landmark moment in the sport’s history. Look at the list of anglers who did not get a check in this one. Any prominent names?

  • Clark

    Angler X and his guaranteed fishing spots?

  • Gotcha’. Lots of great former 2-time pros that didn’t cash a check at this event, but I’m guessing you’re referring to the last FLW tournament ever fished by Tony “Big Bass” Christian, who on the second day of the Atchafalaya Basin tournament was DQ’d (zeroed weight), and subsequently didn’t get a check. He was shortly thereafter forever banned from ever fishing any future FLW events (BFL, EVERSTART, FLW, etc.).

    • Keep looking for someting else unique, but it hasn’t struck me yet. The list of pros who fished this event was pretty impressive, including no less than 10 BASS Classic winners, not to mention FLW and US Open winners. Still, the 200 man field was almost identical in the events both before and after this one (1st and 3rd). Tony did also have his Day 2 weight disqualified in the first event (Okeechobee), so that happening two events in a row is pretty unique in itself. Still not sure what the “error” alludes to though.

  • Erick Prado

    the tony Christian DQ is all I can think about (did the reason why he was DQed ever come out?)

  • Was it not also the first time a woman took a tour level championship in either circuit? Even if it was the co-angler championship.