Scorecard Snapshot – Singing the Eufaula Blues (August 19, 2013)



The 1993 Alabama Invitational at Lake Eufaula was one of the low points in that storied reservoir’s tournament history. In a field of over 320 anglers, well over 100 blanked all three days that February as a result of the cold, muddy water. Of course the major tours have held other events there, both before and since, with mixed results. Indeed, in the first B.A.S.S. tournament held on Eufaula just under 25 years earlier, John Powell won with 44 bass for 132 pounds, including a lunker of 9-06.

KleinEufaulaMapFor Texas pro Gary Klein, however, the fishing was fine in 1993. He weighed in only 10 bass over three days of competition, but they averaged nearly four pounds apiece and he outlasted Bob Hamilton, the prior year’s Classic winner, by over four pounds to claim the title. It was the sixth of his eight wins in his ongoing career.

For the rest of the field, the event was tough, but still memorable in some cases. Accordingly, we’ll give you two questions to show how bad it was, and two questions that might indicate a boost to an angler’s career:

  1. How many seven-bass limits were weighed in?
  2. Who led the tournament going into the final day?
  3. Which future Bassmaster Classic winner earned his first B.A.S.S. check at Eufaula?
  4. What was notable about three of the fish Oklahoma pro O.T. Fears caught on the final day?

The answers and winner will be announced Thursday. Good Luck.

  • 1. No limits caught in the event.

    2.Shaw Grigsby

    3. Takahiro Omori

    4. Shoal Bass

    • Ed Cowan

      I fished with OT Fears on the second day. I did ok on day one and wasn,t to happy that he dragged me to his fish on day 2 with no results. He got them good on day 3. He really did have fish! Wish they bit on day 2