Scorecard Snapshot – Red River History

Red River mapWhen 50 Wrangler Anglers launched on the Red River near Shreveport, Louisiana in May of 1997 for the Federation national championship, the river had not yet been established as the frequent major tournament venue that it is today.

Indeed, at that time the dammed river was known to many as an egregious example of government waste and pork-barrel politics. Many considered it a “navigation project to nowhere,” a $2 billion boondoggle engineered by the Louisiana Congressional delegation despite little need for the project. “We only see a barge every couple of days or so,” the manager of one of the locks told the Washington Post a few years later. “It gets kind of boring up here. You sure get a lot of time to think.”

Some pundits and taxpayers might not have liked it, but the Red has become a major asset for tournament circuits such as B.A.S.S. and FLW, both of who have held multiple tournaments there, including championships.

When the competitors arrived in 1997, the water was unusually high – it hadn’t been so high the first week of May for over 60 years – and flowing hard. It was also fairly dangerous. Enough of the B.A.S.S.-provided boats were rendered inoperable that week that B.A.S.S. had to consider contingency plans. Fortunately, they made it through with enough boats.

In the end, Alabama angler Dalton Bobo prevailed, beating second place finisher Gerry Jooste of Zimbabwe by over two pounds. Joining them at that summer’s classic were Mark Dove of Indiana (3rd), Scott Nielsen of Utah (5th) and David Hall of Pennsylvania (6th).

That’s the easy part.

In order to win this week’s prize, you’ll need to answer the following five questions:

  1. Which competitor went on to win a Bassmaster Open within the next decade?
  2. Which competitor was employed in the same profession as Indiana’s Mark Dove?
  3. The spot where Dalton Bobo won the tournament subsequently became known as “The Bobo Hole.” Which pool of the river is it in?
  4. Bobo caught his fish on soft plastics and a spinnerbait made by a neighbor. He said that changing from an Indiana blade to a willowleaf helped significantly. Spinnerbaits played a big role for other competitors, too. What brands did Hall, Nielsen and Dove use?
  5. How many of the 50 competitors have fished multiple Bassmaster Classics?

The answers and winner will be posted Thursday. Good Luck!