Scorecard Snapshot – Fritts Continues to Blitz (June 17, 2013)



As we’ve written previously on the BFA, in the early 1990s the Fritts Blitz was in full effect. Carolina cranker David Fritts, veteran of Operation Bass and a number of regional trails, didn’t fish B.A.S.S. consistently until 1988. He didn’t record his first top ten until May of 1990, when he finished 4th in the Alabama Invitational at Guntersville. At that point, he wasn’t a household name, but shortly thereafter he started to make his mark.

In October of 1991, he finished 2nd on the Potomac River. The next week, he won at Buggs Island using some Poe’s 400 crankbaits he’d faded by leaving them in the windshield of his tow vehicle. Over the remainder of 1991, through mid-March of 1994, he amassed nine more top ten finishes with B.A.S.S., including a victory at the 1993 Bassmaster Classic on Logan Martin.

Seven months after his Classic victory, he won the Georgia Top 100 on Lake Seminole, a venue where he’d finished 7th in 1993.

Answer the following two questions about his Seminole victory correctly and you’ll claim this week’s prize, a $25 e-coupon from Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits:

  1. Why was the win meaningful in B.A.S.S. history?
  2. Why was the win atypical for Fritts?

The answer and winner will be posted Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Duke Jenkel

    1. He was the first angler to win 3 events in a row?
    2. Fritts won the event by catching the majority of his fish on a carolina rigged Zoom lizard, instead of his typical crankbait approach.

  • Jeff Whetzel

    1. Set the BASS 20 fish weight limit at the time (Even broke the 20 plus fish limit).
    2. He used rattle traps shallow instead of deep diving, cedar crankbaits or carolina rigs.

  • Jason Sullivan

    1. his 91.3 lbs was the most ever for four day tournament with 5 fish limit. it also broke the record for most weight with a four day tournament with a 7 fish limit…

    2. Fritts used Rat-L-Traps on staging fish in lily pads behind grass lines in flats

  • Bob Uhrig

    Set the BASS 20 fish weight limit at the time

    Fished a Texas Rig Zoom Lizard ( I believe Junebug color) as apposed to a lipped crankbait