Scorecard Snapshot – Co-Anglers or Pros?


The 1996 Bassmaster Top 100 on South Carolina’s Lake Murray marked Stacey King’s first B.A.S.S. win after a decade of attempts. The King of Table Rock went on to win again six years later at a Central Invitational on Toledo Bend.

The Murray event was unusual for another reason – while B.A.S.S. had previously canceled single tournament days, a long-lingering front forced the cancellation of two competition days. What was set to be a four-day event was cut in half.

Fortunately for King, when the winds subsided he went to town on a very fertile and still grass-laden Lake Murray. On the first day the field actually got to fish, he sacked a 33-02 five-fish limit, a haul which to that point had been exceeded only in another South Carolina event – when OT Fears caught 34-04 at Santee two years earlier. His limit included a 9-04 largemouth.

King proved himself to be a true pro that week, if there had been any doubt, but the key to this week’s trivia contest lies in the co-angler standings. Examine them closely and you’ll see the names of two amateur fishermen.

Can you name the two co-anglers I’m thinking of and tell me a little bit about the three other professional sports they competed in? [Hint: One of their names is misspelled here]

  • Erick Prado

    all I can think of is this …there is a bill logsdon that does pro arm wrestling dont know if its the same guys though

  • Art miller

    The two that I’m thinking of are both misspelled, if I am correct. Rodeo is the key word -Bobby DelVecchio was a bullrider and Miles Hare was a bullfighter in the PRCA during this time period.