Scorecard Snapshot – Above and Beyond


Since he first started fishing B.A.S.S. events in the late 70s, Shaw Grigsby has amassed nine victories. The most recent came in 2011 on the Harris Chain, one of five first place trophies he’s earned in his home state of Florida. Three others came at big Sam Rayburn in Texas. The only one not in Florida or Texas was the 1997 Top 100 on Lake Sinclair.

The first of those nine victories was at Rayburn, in the March 1988 Texas Invitational where he outlasted 298 other competitors in a tough event. He beat runner-up Zell Rowland by nearly six pounds on his way to $33,000 in cash and merchandise.

Do you remember what it was about that tournament that made it historically significant and how Grigsby reacted to the circumstances presented to him?

  • Final day of the event was cancelled due to weather

    It may have been the first time BASS cancelled a fishing day in an event

  • Jeff Derrick

    The last day was cancelled due to weater but Shaw went out anyway and said he caught good fish and would have won anyway….so he said.