Scorecard Snapshot – A Double Dose


Our Bass Fishing Archives readers have demonstrated that they are remarkably adept at figuring out my little puzzles. Accordingly, this week we’re going to try something a little bit different – instead of asking you to answer one question, you’ll have to describe two different notable aspects of the subject tournament. Herewith, our first two-parter:

By the time the 1989 season rolled around, Guido Hibdon had won three B.A.S.S. events. The first two, in 1980 and 1981, were on his home waters of Lake of the Ozarks. The third was the 1988 Bassmaster Classic on Virginia’s James River. Apparently that triggered a tidal river awakening for Hibdon, because he went on to win the Maryland Top 100 in 1989 on the Potomac River.

Hibdon’s win on the Potomac is significant in my mind for two reasons. The first is the tournament strategy and weather conditions that enabled him to win. For the second, you’ll have to look at the co-angler standings.

Any guesses?


The answer and winner will be announced Thursday.  Remember, please give a good explanation of what happened in order to be considered.

  • Hurricane Hugo was stirring things up weather-wise. Day three of the event was cancelled due to the expectation of high winds. Guido won it fishing a jig with a Guido Bug while many of the competators were throwing spinnerbaits. This win came one year after Guido had suffered a heart attack. An old guy like me “can pull them out once in a while… You’ll never get me to quit.”

    I had the pleasure of fishing with him the first day of the BP Top 100 on Minnetonka in the early ’90s. It is nice to know he is still fishing tournaments twenty -some years later, along with his son and grandson.

    Looks like it was Davey Hite’s first BASS Tournament… as a co-angler.

  • John

    The second part would be that Bill Roberts finished second, and the first was during the three day (shortened because of hurricane hugo) Guido won it utilizing a jig and guido bug trailor targeting isolated timber. Close?