Pete’s Box Score – Classic Rides

Photo Bassmaster.ocom

Photo Bassmaster.ocom

Editor’s Note: We’re back to Pete’s Box Score with the Monday Trivia contest. Read the question Pete poses and answer it the best you can. If you’re new to the site and want to see how this works, just click on the Pete’s Box Score category and check out some earlier versions of the contest. Good Luck!

With the 2013 Bassmaster Classic recently concluded, it’s time to have a little Classic challenge in our weekly giveaway. The 2004 Bassmaster Classic was unique in at least one respect – it was the only one won by a non-US-born angler – specifically, by Japanese native Takahiro Omori.

In other respects, though, it was like many others. Omori won it on a Bagley crankbait, as has happened in several others. The local favorite, Jason Quinn, did not win, as no home state angler won the trophy until Boyd Duckett accomplished that feat in 2007. It wasn’t even the only Classic held in South Carolina.

Fishing fans new to the Classic may not remember that until 2008, the Classic qualifiers were not allowed to fish the tournament out of their own boats. Instead, they fished out of identically-rigged bass boats. Over the years, the manufacturer of those boats changed, depending on sponsorship alignments. In 2004, the competitors all fished out of Tritons, as they did again in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The boats used at the 2004 Classic were distinct for two reasons, though. Do you remember what they were?

The answer and winner will be announced Thursday. Good Luck.

  • Jay Davis

    First year of the 250 was allowed and that was the year, if I remember right, that Skeeter/Yamaha was supposed to be the title sponsor up until the last second, then BASS went back on their deal and offered the same package to Triton/Merc. Skeeter had been sold the deal as the sole/title boat sponsor but ended up being a co-sponsor and BASS backed out of the deal to have all the pros run Skeeter’s in the classic. So it was built up as the year to see how everyone was going like fishing the classic out of Skeeters but ended up being Tritons again. Again, that MIGHT have been the next year but that did definitely happen.

  • Chris Harvey

    First time with a 250 and first time with a four-stroke (Verado).

  • Tony Posey

    First time with a 250 motor and First win in a Ranger boat.