Monday Trivia – Zell on Top (September 9, 2013)



Texan Zell Rowland earned his first B.A.S.S. victory at the 1986 Super-Invitational, weighing in 27 bass over the course of four days that totaled 39 pounds 6 ounces and thereby beating 225 other pros. Since that time he’s won four more, including two wins at Alabama’s Lake Guntersville. The most recent B.A.S.S. trophy on his mantle came in 2005.

Rowland’s average of just under 10 pounds a day may seem paltry, but it looms large when viewed in the context of others’ catches – stars including Jack Chancellor (1 pound), Ken Cook (1-11) and Roland Martin (2-06) all failed to crack the code of Chattanooga’s Chickamauga and Nickajack Lakes.

Twenty seven years after that first victory, Zell continues to compete. In fact, this year he fished both tours and qualified for the Forrest Wood Cup, his first championship appearance on either tour since he fished five consecutive Bassmaster Classics from 2003 through 2007. Therefore, in honor of his longevity, this week’s trivia contest requires you to think back to 1986 and beyond and answer the following three questions:

  1. What lure did Rowland use to amass his catch and why was this tournament significant in that lure’s history?
  2. How old was Rowland when he fished his first B.A.S.S. tournament?
  3. Who caught the big bass in this tournament, and what lure did he catch it on?

The answer and winner will be posted Thursday. Good Luck.

  • Duke Jenkel

    1a. Zell Rowland won the tournament on a Pop-R
    1b. The Pop-R had been discontinued at the time of his win, but his victory brought the lure back into production.
    2. Zell was 13yrs old when he competed in his first Bassmaster event
    3. Larry Nixon, caught it on a worm.

  • Robert Winans

    Zell enterd first tourney at 13y/o pop r winning bait…was going to be discontinued but because he won, it went into production again..larry nixon won big bass on a worm…I was 6y/o