Monday Trivia – The World’s Most Famous Bass (Sept 22, 2014)

"Leroy Brown" by Mann's Lures

“Leroy Brown” by Mann’s Bait Co.

We’re going with a little change of pace this week for our trivia challenge. The lure in the picture at left was created by Tom Mann and called “Leroy Brown.” It was a sinking vibrating bait, similar to a Rat-L-Trap style bait, and at one point was part of their “Hackleback” line of lures. However, this bait has one of the most interesting histories behind it.

If you’ve never heard the story, then it will be worth researching the answers to this week’s contest to find out some of the details. We’ll give the full scoop on Thursday when we announce a winner to the trivia contest. In the mean time though, to win all the Yamamotos this week, you’ll need to log on to your favorite search engine and answer the following 4 questions correctly.

  1. Name the year AND the bait that the real largemouth bass called Leroy Brown was caught on.
  2. Where did the name “Leroy Brown” come from?
  3. When the bass died 8 years later, Tom Mann bought a $4,000 tombstone/statue to sit at the fishes gravesite. Which country did the statue come from?
  4. To make an already interesting story even more so, what strange occurrence happened shortly after the fishes funeral?

Answers and winner to this week’s trivia contest will be announced on Thursday.

  • Chad T. Keogh

    1/ 1973 on a strawberry Jelly Worm.
    2/ The Jim Croce hit “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.”

    3/ Germany.
    4/ Someone dug up Leroy Brown and stole him and his coffin and held it for ransom. Then abandoned Leroy at an airport. He was recovered and reburied.

  • Ferd

    1. 1973, strawberry Jelly worm
    2. Popular song by Jim Croce
    3. Germany
    4. Fish and coffin were dug up and held for ransom.