Monday Trivia – The FLW Cup


Photo: FLW Outdoors

I don’t know about you, but I think yesterday’s Day 4 of the Forrest Wood Cup held on Lake Murray was one of the most exciting in recent memory. Steve Kennedy’s 20 pound sack to make a run at the title from 10th place, not to mention the one ounce difference between victory and 2nd place, a $440,000 difference! And Scott Canterbury gets second again – what a heartbreaker. Congrats to hometown winner Anthony Gagliardi.

With the event fresh in our minds, this week we focus our trivia question on past Forrest Wood Cups. To win all the Yamamoto’s this week, you’ll need to brush up on your FLW history and answer these 4 questions.

  1. The FLW Cup began in 1996. In this years event, there was one angler in the field who also fished that first event eighteen years ago. Name that angler.
  2. In 2012, Cup winner Jacob Wheeler became the youngest ever to win the event at the age of 22. Name the previous record holder with that honor and his age at the time of his win.
  3. Over the 18 past events, no angler has ever won the title twice. However, there were 4 previous winners that made the Top-20 cut this year, three of which went on to make the final day Top-10 cut and threaten to be the first to do so. Name those 4 anglers.
  4. Over the 18 year period, there have been 5 Cup winners who also have won the Bassmaster Classic during their professional career. Name those 5 anglers who hold double Championship honors.

Answers and a winner will be announced later this week (Thursday).

  • Adam Hinkle

    1: Dan Moorehead
    2: Michael Bennett (24)
    3: Scott Martin, Brent Ehler, Jacob Wheeler, David Dudley
    4: David Fritts, Davy Hite, Dion Hibdon, Luke Clausen, George Cochran