Monday Trivia – The Final Fall Tour Season (October 6, 2014)

This angler holds the key to winning this week.

This angler holds the key to winning this week.

The FLW Cup has been over for more than a month, and the Bassmaster Tour just wrapped up for the year a couple weeks back. But all this cool weather has me remembering back to when the Bassmaster Classic was a summer event, and the start of the Tour season actually began during the fall of the previous year, carrying over into the following spring. The last time it happened has been more than a decade ago. So, to win this week’s trivia contest, we’re going to go back to that last “cross-over” season and have you try and answer the following 3 trivia questions;

  1. This angler finished in the Top 10 in all 3 fall events held that year, including back-to-back wins. Name the angler (see pic).
  2. What interesting “role” did his wife play during the second event of that season?
  3. This angler has been reported to have several Tour superstitions over the years. Name one of them.

Answer and winner to this week’s contest will be given Thursday.

  • Adam Hinkle

    1. Davy Hite
    2. His wife had a dream that he would win back to back tour events
    3. Lucky under wear. (He wore the lucky underwear when he won his 1st AOY title)