Monday Trivia – The Buck Stops at Truman Answer and Winner (June 16, 2014)

Truman parkerThis week’s winner is Patrick Staley, even though he didn’t come up with all three of the answers I anticipated. For the answers read below. Come back next week for another round of Bass Fishing Archives Monday Trivia sponsored by GYCB.

Just 11 months after winning the 1988 Missouri Invitational, Hank Parker won the 1989 Bassmaster Classic on the James River and effectively retired from life as a touring pro, competing in just seven subsequent B.A.S.S. events. Those seven events included the subsequent Classic and three “SuperStars” events, in which he twice finished as the runner-up.

Accordingly, the 1988 tournament on Truman Reservoir was the last of Parker’s regular season victories. Fittingly given his superstar profile, he won it by more than 12 pounds over his nearest competitor, home-state angler Stacey King. In fact, Parker could have won without getting out of bed on Day Three, which was lucky because he only boxed two fish on the final day. His limit weighing 19-15 on Day One would’ve carried him to a top 25 finish even if he’d skipped the second and third days.

There were five additional past or future Classic winners among the top 14 finishers. One of them was Denny Brauer (6th, and winner of the 1998 Classic), who’d left Nebraska in the early 80s to guide on Truman. Brauer had led the 1986 Missouri Invitational largely on the strength of a Day One, five-fish limit that weighed 22-05, but couldn’t manage to double that total over the next two days and ultimately finished third behind Larry Nixon and John Wilbanks. Parker had finished 124th in that event.

Despite frequent visits to nearby lakes like Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock, B.A.S.S. has not been back to Truman since the 1991 Missouri Invitational, when future Missouri resident Rick Clunn earned the 10th of his 14 B.A.S.S. wins, beating runner-up Randy Blaukat of Joplin by over 7 pounds. Brauer finished 70th in that event and the semi-retired Parker did not fish it.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest answer the following three questions correctly:

  1. What brand of spinnerbait did Parker use to win at Truman, and what company later bought the rights to that model?
  2. What record-setting catch was made with soft plastics manufactured by the company that made Parker’s spinnerbait?
  3. Which former touring pro, who later went to work for Roland Martin, owned one of the early marinas on Truman?

Here are the answers:

Truman spinnerbaitParker used a spinnerbait made by the Hawg Caller company of Winston-Salem, N.C. to win at Truman, specifically a ¾ ounce model with Indiana/Colorado blades and a variety of skirt colors. He likewise used a Hawg Caller the following year to win the second of the three James River Classics, but it was later marketed by Mann’s as “The Classic.” Hawg Caller later made soft plastics, and Dean Rojas credited their “Log Crawler” creature bait for part of his then-record 108-12 catch at the 2001 Florida Top 150. Hawg Caller continues to make spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, operating under the Lunker Lure umbrella of companies.

Several readers pointed out that there were record-setting catches made on Mann’s plastics, including Staley, who cited the record-setting catch by Paul Elias at Falcon in 2008 – part of which came on a big Mann’s Jelly Worm – so we’ll accept that answer in lieu of the Rojas Hawg Caller catch.

Walt Reynolds. Photo

Walt Reynolds. Photo

Walt Reynolds, who had five Top 10 finishes in a B.A.S.S. career that spanned the period from 1989 through 2005, formerly owned Osage Bluff Marina and Resort on Truman. He also qualified for the 1996 Forrest Wood Cup. Reynolds later moved to Clewiston to work for Roland Martin.

The broadcast of the Truman event can be watched on Youtube: