Monday Trivia – That Old College Try Answer and Winner (Dec 16, 2013)

College Roland from bassmasterdotcomCongratulations to John Karbowski for winning this week’s trivia contest! For the answers, please read below.

Most serious bass-heads know that Gary Klein is generally regarded as the first “straight out of high school” bass pro, but many well-known pros attended college before embarking on their angling career. That number figures to grow with the increasing popularity and availability of college bass teams.

In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted Chad Brauer’s college choice as well as the fact that Randy Moseley attended three different schools.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, just tell us where the following 10 pros attended college:

  • Roland Martin
  • Russ Lane
  • Alton Jones
  • Jay Yelas
  • David Wharton
  • Mike Iaconelli
  • Bernie Schultz
  • Kurt Dove
  • Edwin Evers
  • Dan Morehead

Here are the answers:

  • Martin, a native of Laurel, Maryland, graduated from the University of Maryland.
  • After attending junior college, Russ Lane pitched for Huntingdon College. He later played professionally for three seasons in the independent leagues.
  • Jones attended Baylor and is an avid fan of their sports teams. His son Alton Jr. currently attends the school.
  • Yelas graduated from Oregon State University in 1987. Like Lane, he played baseball during college. As he wrote in his autobiography, “Not every student can say he skipped class with his professor to go fishing together!”
  • Wharton studied to become a teacher at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacodoches, Tex., before he became a noted guide on Sam Rayburn and a multiple-time B.A.S.S. winner.
  • Iaconelli started at a junior college , “my high school transcripts were so crappy I couldn’t get into a halfway decent school,” he wrote in his autobiography, before attending Rowan University in New Jersey.
  • Schultz attended the University of Florida and still resides in Gainesville.
  • Dove graduated from George Mason University in his native Virginia. He remains a devoted fan of the Patriots’ sports efforts, especially the basketball team.
  • Although Evers is not a native of Oklahoma, he attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University on a football scholarship.
  • Morehead received a Bachelor of Science from Murray State University in 1994.