Monday Trivia – Roland’s Revenge (April 28, 2014)

Roland Martin. Photo

Roland Martin. Photo

When B.A.S.S. visited Lake Champlain for the first time in September of 1997, the lake’s riches were largely yet unknown to all but a few northeasterners. When the competitors left after the three-day tournament, however, it was a secret no more. The 111 pros didn’t set the Top 100 record for the number of limits in a Top 100 event, but the field did set a weight record for that series with 4,248 pounds, eclipsing the previous record by over 600 pounds.

Roland Martin came out on top that week on the “Sixth Great Lake.” He tallied 56 pounds 15 ounces of bass over three days of competition to edge out 1997 Bassmaster Classic winner Dion Hibdon by 6 ounces. It marked the 19th victory of Martin’s career, and as of this date his last one. The native son of Maryland, a longtime Florida resident, must’ve found something he liked in the northeastern waters, because his prior win, in the 1994 Connecticut Top 100, was in that portion of the country as well. In fact, three of his last four B.A.S.S. wins were in the northeast, with the third such tournament being the 1984 Hudson River Invitational, which he won by nearly 13 pounds.

While Martin’s win on Champlain didn’t necessarily surprise anyone, the manner in which he won it shocked more than a few onlookers. In a tournament expected to be won on smallmouths, Martin focused primarily on green fish, flipping a jig and pork frog on 50-pound SpiderWire into heavy reeds to average nearly 19 pounds a day.

In order to win this week’s trivia challenge, answer the following four questions about Martin and his Champlain victory:

  1. When Martin won on the Connecticut River, he surprised many fishing fans – not with his catch, but rather how he accessed them. What did he use to get to the fish?
  2. As noted above, when Martin won on Champlain a jig and pork frog was his primary tool, but on Day Three his reeds didn’t produce well and he moved to some rocks to fill out his catch. What Florida-made lure did he use to tempt the bass on the rockpile?
  3. Fourth and fifth place finishers Jimmy Houston and Charlie Ingram both used the same brand of spinnerbait at Champlain. What brand was it?
  4. While Champlain is clearly a northern fishery, northerners (and northeasterners in particular) did not fare well there in Martin’s 1997 win. Randall Romig of Pennsylvania (47th) was the top northeasterner, with Jim Moynagh (Minnesota) and Kevin VanDam (Michigan) finishing 24th and 28th, respectively. What major tournament did Moynagh win that year.

The answers and winner will be announced on Thursday. Good Luck!

  • Bob Uhrig

    Here are the first two

    1. He used a jet boat
    2. Producto Tournament Worm – 8″ in Junebug

  • Rob Shaw

    1) Ranger with a 65hp jet Drive
    2) Producto worm
    3) Hildebrandt
    4) Forrest Wood Open

  • 1) Tracker boat
    2) Johnson Silver Minnow
    3) Hildebrandt
    4) Forest Wood Open

  • RichZ

    Going strictly by memory without thinking much about it…
    1> Jet boat
    2> Charlies worm
    3> Terminator
    4>Forrest Wood Open at Minnetona