Monday Trivia – Ranger Boats

Guess who has a new owner?

Guess who has a new owner?

Seems like all the talk in the bass fishing world for the past several days has been about the new owner of Ranger Boats. Keeping this week’s trivia question timely, and perhaps a bit easier than the past couple, you’ll need to answer these 4 questions related to Ranger Boats in order to claim this week’s trivia prize, sponsored by Gary Yamamto Custom Baits. Good luck.

  1. The new owners now become the 5th entity to have owned Ranger boats since their start. Name all 5 company owners to date.
  2. May 1971 was a significant date in Ranger history. Why?
  3. Shortly after orders in the new Ranger Boat Co. took off, expanded operations were moved into a former dance hall in town. What was the  name of that old hall?
  4. Now a long time member of Triton Boats Pro Staff, what Elite Series pro traveled with Basil Bacon while he was on Ranger’s pro-staff back in the 80s?

Answers and winner will be announced Thursday.

  • Clifford Wiedman

    1) Forrest & Nina Woods, The Thompson Company, Genmar Holdings, Platnium Equity, Bass Pro Shops
    2)That was when it caught fire and burned to the ground
    3)Silver Star
    4)Kolby Kreiger

  • Rob Melendez

    1. Forest and Nina Woods (wood manufacturing)
    Thompson Company, Genmar holdings, fish holdings (part of Platinum Equity and Bass Pro Shops.
    2. Factory burned to the ground
    3. Silver Star
    4. Gary Klein