Monday Trivia – Padgett Prevails Answer and Winner (Nov 4, 2013)

Bobby Padgett. Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Bobby Padgett. Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Congratulations to John Karbowski for winning this week’s Bass Fishing Archives Trivia Contest!  For the answers, please read below.

Bobby Padgett of Columbus, Georgia won the second B.A.S.S. tournament he fished, the 1996 Alabama Invitational on Lake Eufaula. In fact, he ran away with the victory, beating second place finisher Kevin VanDam by 11 ½ pounds.

While it was one of only three top ten B.A.S.S. finishes for Padgett in 21 attempts, he has long been well-known as a top stick in the area, with many lower-level wins to his credit. After the tournament, Colin Moore wrote that Padgett had “finished first or second in every summer tournament at Eufaula he entered during the past four years, including three consecutive wins on the Red Man trail.”

His 77-09 was the heaviest winning weight in B.A.S.S. competition at Eufaula since Bill Adair won the 1970 Henshall Memorial with a three-day weight of 116-06 – although Padgett was fishing with a five-fish limit while Adair weighed in 33, including 14 in a single day.

In the most recent B.A.S.S. competition at Eufaula, Ryan Ingram won a 2006 Southern Open with a three day weight of 41-08, with current Elite Series pros Terry Scroggins, J Todd Tucker, Cliff Pace, Boyd Duckett, Marty Robinson, James Niggemeyer and Chris Lane finishing in the top 20.

In order to win this week’s trivia contest, answer the following four questions about Padgett’s win:

  1. What B.A.S.S. record did Padgett set during the event and who was the previous record-holder?
  2. Who subsequently beat Padgett’s record?
  3. Padgett’s primary lure was a Mann’s 20+ crankbait in a special color. What was it?
  4. In addition to the crankbait, Padgett caught some of his fish on a jig. What was the particular jig that he used called?

Here are the answers:

Robert Lee. Photo

Robert Lee. Photo

Padgett’s total catch of 77-09 set a Bassmaster Tournament Trail record for a three-day, five-fish limit tournament. He beat the previous record, set by O.T. Fears two years earlier at Santee-Cooper, by five ounces. The record was beaten again in 1999, when Robert Lee weighed in 78-03 to win a Western Invitational on the California Delta.

His crankbait was pearl with a blue black. “Mann’s doesn’t sell them, but they painted a couple of dozen for me,” he told Bassmaster magazine. “It’s just been the best color for me at Eufaula.” Mann’s later marketed the lure color as “Record Shad.”

Rev. Bill Conine's "Preacher Jigs."

Rev. Bill Conine’s “Preacher Jigs.” Photo Bassmaster Magazine.

Padgett caught multiple big fish during the tournament on  a while bucktail jig with no trailer, including the 10 pound 1 ounce big bass of the event. The jig meant to imitate the large gizzard shad that inhabited the lake and was known as the “Preacher Jig” because it was originally designed by Reverend Bill Conine.

As writer Neil Ward revealed in the January 1997 issue of Bassmaster, Padgett retrieved the lure by first letting it sink to the bottom, then reeling it fast for four or five turns before letting it sink to the bottom again, and then repeating that pattern.

“What happens when I move the hair fast for four or five cranks is that the hig is running along approximately 4 or 5 feet above the bottom, where the bass are suspended,” Padgett told Ward. “Then, when I stop it, the hair falls right in front of them.”

The lure was later marketed by Mann’s, which is based in Eufaula, Alabama.