Monday Trivia – One-Time Winners a Redo


Editor’s Note: Unfortunately we only had one entry into this week’s trivia contest and it only received partial credit. So, in order to get all the correct answers, we’re giving you until next week and then we’ll announce the winner on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012. The only answer we had had missed four specific parts. If we don’t get more than that we’ll award the prize to this week’s entry.

Many top pros will go through their entire careers without winning a single tour-level tournament. They may make a lot of money, or become household names, but to many fans the lack of a major win is a glaring omission on their list of credentials.

There are also quite a few pros who have experienced a single week where they managed to beat the best of the best. Some were never heard from again, some became legends, and others are still earning their places in the history books.

The following are nine such one-time winners:

  • Steve Goodwin, 1977 Florida Invitational, St. Johns River
  • Jack Chancellor, 1985 Bassmaster Classic, Alabama River
  • Don Leach, 1991 Bassmaster Maryland Invitational, Potomac River
  • Norio Tanabe, 1993 Bassmaster Invitational, Kentucky Lake
  • Larry Lazoen, 1994 Bassmaster Top 100, Potomac River
  • Bryan Kerchal, 1994 Bassmaster Classic, High Rock Lake
  • Larry Laymon, 1996 Bassmaster Georgia Invitational, Lake Hartwell
  • Derek Remitz, 2007 Bassmaster Elite Series Battle of the Border, Lake Amistad
  • Kota Kiriyama, 2008 Bassmaster Elite Series Empire Chase, Lake Erie

We’ve given you when and where they won, now you tell us the lure that was the primary tool in their victories. Some should be “gimmes” but others will require either a long memory or a little bit of research.

You don’t necessarily need to offer every little detail (weight and color), although that would be welcomed, but in order to win you’ll need to give us not only the category of lure (e.g,. grub, spinnerbait), but also the name brand.

Good Luck!

  • P.J. Pahygiannis

    Steve Goodwin was tying a match stick in his 14 pound test line ahead of a 1/4 ounce slip sinker with a brown plastic worm and worked it a foot off the bottom

    Jack Chancellor was fishing a Carolina rig Do Nothing worm (which he manufactures) along a sandbar

  • Braden Maddox

    Steve Goodwin’s brand of worm is impossible to find. Used a brown worm on a carolina rig

    Jack Chancellor used his own “Do-Nothing” worm on a c-rig

    Don Leach used a Terry Odom “screw lock” spinnerbait

    Norio Tanabe used a weighted Smithwick Magnum Rogue in clown

    Larry Lazoen used a baby Cavitron buzzbait

    Bryan Kerchal used a red shad Culprit plastic worm

    Larry Laymon used a Bill Lewis Rat-l Trap lipless crankbait

    Derrick Remitz used an Omega Tackle football jig with a Yamamoto Hula Grub trailer

    Kota Kiriyama used a Jackall Crazy Ninja Shad, Cross Tail Shad, and prototype worm on a drop shot rig