Monday Trivia – Name That Writer (Answer & Winner – January 19, 2015)

Can you name this famous writer?

Can you name this famous writer?

There were a lot of great guesses this week in our contest, but congratulations goes to Jay Davis for correctly answering the trivia contest this week!  For the answers please read below.

Once again I’ll take a slightly different path with our weekly contest just to keep everyone on their toes. Here at the Bass Fishing Archives, we’ve covered a lot of books and articles from some pretty famous writers. In this week’s contest, sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, we’re going to turn the tables a bit. The picture above is of another famous outdoor writer/journalist. As a bit of a hint, this picture dates back to 1971. And, this person’s work has been featured in some of the most popular bass and outdoor magazines of the past 30 years. To win this week’s contest, simply answer the following three questions:

1.Which writer is pictured in the photograph.
2.Give us the title of any one book this person has also written.
3.Name the state this writer grew up in.

Answers and winner will be announced Thursday.


  1. The writer in the picture is, in fact, Louie Stout. Louie’s career began in the mid 1980s, having written for most every major sporting magazine at some point. He is a senior writer at Bassmaster, was inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a “Legendary Journalist” in 2005, and more recently was the 2013 POMA/ASA Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award recipient.
  2. Louie is the author of 3 books, likely the best known being “Kevin Vandam’s Bass Strategies: A Handbook for All Anglers” (1996), which was recently updated and revised. He also wrote “Secrets of a Champion: Bass Superstar Reveals His Winning Tips” (2002) and “Bass Baits: Choosing and Using the Deadliest Lures” (1993).
  3. Louie is an Indiana native, having grown up in Kokomo, Indiana. In fact, the picture shown was from a 1971 Fishing Facts article on the benefits of joining a fishing club. Louie was a founding member of the Kokomo Bass Anglers, one of the oldest bass clubs in the state. He later moved to northern Indiana where he had a weekly outdoors column in the South Bend Tribune. He presently resides in Michigan.

Thanks again for playing, and be sure to join us next week for another chance to win.