Monday Trivia – Name that Angler (Sept 15, 2014)

Who is this young, future tour angler?

Who is this young, future tour angler?

Another week, another old picture a young angler who would eventually find success casting for cash. We don’t think this one is particularly easy, so we’ll give you a few hints: (1) He’s still an active pro; and (2) He’s won one of the sport’s major championships.

With that boost, all you need to do is be the first to answer the following four questions to win this week’s contest:

1) Who is the pictured angler?

2) What states has he lived in since beginning his career as a pro?

3) What three lures (style/brand) contributed to his most financially-rewarding win as a pro?

4) Who is his rod sponsor?

The answers and winner will be announce Thursday. Good Luck!

  • TomLeogrande

    I’ll take a random guess.. my guess is Kevin Hawk, California and Alabama, Yamamoto and Duo, and iRod….