Monday Trivia – Name That Angler, Please.

PicCatWell, this seems to have been a tough one. No one was able to give the correct answers last week, so we’re giving you one more week to guess, when, if no one gets the right answer, we’ll give it up on Thursday.  So come on and give your best educated guess!

The young angler pictured here proudly hoisting his prized catfish has since gone on to a solid career casting for bass, with multiple tour level wins to his credit.

  1. In order to win this week’s trivia contest, you’ll need to answer the following four questions:What is the pro’s name?
  2. What was the site of his first B.A.S.S. win and what was the strategy he employed for the win?
  3. What lures did he use to claim his most recent B.A.S.S. victory?
  4. What other major tournament has he won?

Good luck!!

  • Chris Harvey

    Huh, how about Kelly Jordan
    2001 Alabama Top 150 on Lake Wheeler, fished an old roadbed with an Allen Lures D9 (blue chartreuse) and an EWC Tap crankbait made by Zoom (chartreuse and green)
    Won 2006 Capitol Clash on the Potomac with a Kicker Craw, LFT Craw Tube, Senko and Boogey Man buzzbait
    Won the 2008 toyota texas bass classic

  • Chris Harvey

    Nobody else is guessing so I’m just gonna keep firing:
    Brent Chapman
    Won the 2000 Louisiana Central Invitational on the Red River with a lunkerlure rattle back jig and hawg caller buzzbait around logs and trees (I’ll even have to hedge here because I don’t know if the invitational counted as a tour level event back then, was it like an open? If this doesn’t count then it was the 2005 Busch Shootout on Table Rock, fishing a Lucky Craft 2.5 along rocky banks)
    Won the 2012 Elite Series event on Toledo Bend fishing a flutter spoon and a football jig with UV hawg trailer.
    Won the Cabelas Top Gun Championship in 2005 on Eagle Mountain Lake (this is why I didn’t pick Chappy before, couldn’t think of which other major tournament he had won).
    So there, hope that’s it. You can say I made too many guesses but you can’t say I didn’t do my research.

  • Bill M

    Is his initials A.J. from Texas. I don’t care about winning anything, just bothering me that nobody is getting it and the face looks so familiar.

  • Tim Hennemann

    Aaron Martens
    1999 Lake Oroville- dropshotting Robo Shad
    2012 All Star Event- Balsa B1 & B2 & jig
    Won Bass US Open